Counselling Services

Ms. Maribeth Noonan’s Schedule

Every 2nd Day at Somerset (Days 1,3,5 in cycle), rotates between Somerset and ACC.

Role of Counsellor

Counsellors play a diverse role in our Island schools and work with students individually, in small groups and in classroom settings. In a handbook published by the Department of Education it states that “counsellors within the school are responsible for providing supports and resources to students at all grade levels, to their families and to educators. These services are intended to facilitate the educational, personal, social, emotional and career development of students in the school and in the community. Specifically, school counsellors are expected to provide a continuum of preventative, developmental, remedial and intervention services and facilitate referral to community resources” (School Counselling Services: Standards and Guidelines).

Referrals and Contacting the Counsellor

Referrals for school counselling services generally come from three sources:

  1. self-referrals by students;
  2. referrals from administration and teachers; and
  3. referrals from parents.

Parents can reach the counsellor through e-mail ( or by calling one of these two schools:

Somerset: 902-887-2505
ACC: 902-437-8525

May everyone’s year be productive and memorable.

Maribeth Noonan