School Policies

We would like to remind everyone that Somerset School has had a “scent free” and “nut free” policy in place. We ask that you have your son/daughter respect this policy and we also ask that you, as parents, respect this policy when visiting Somerset.

General School Policies

  1. Students must have written permission to leave school at anytime during the day.
  2. If your child is going to be absent for the day or arrive late, it is important that you call or email the classroom teacher or the office first thing in the morning.
  3. No oral medication (i.e. tylenol), may be brought by the student unless the teacher is informed and proper procedures are followed. The school is not permitted to provide any medication for students. No student may share medication with another student.
  4. Smoking is prohibited on school premises.
  5. Students must have signed written permission from parents to obtain a bus pass if they are not going to their usual drop off. NOTE: Permission may be denied if there is not any space available on the bus (e.g. birthday parties).
  6. Cell phones are not permitted in class unless approved by subject teacher. See cell phone policy below.
  7. If your child is to take an alternate form of transportation after school or is being picked up by someone different, please advise your child’s homeroom teacher with a signed note. This note is to be submitted to the homeroom teacher first thing in the morning.
  8. Students are discouraged from using the phone during the school day. In the case of an urgent situation, the teacher will issue a Telephone Permission slip to the student permitting them to use a phone in the office. We ask that parents limit calls to the school during the day to only the most urgent.
  9. Students are expected to dress in clothing that covers student’s upper body areas (chest, back and belly) and mid thigh length skirts are acceptable. Boxers/undergarments are not to be visible.

Cell Phone Policy

  1. Cell phones are allowed during early morning break, recess, lunch and after school.
  2. Cell phones must be turned off and out of sight unless approved by the subject teacher.
  3. The school does not take responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged cell phones. We encourage all students to leave any kind of electronics at home.

The following consequences will apply to those who break the cell phone policy:

1st time – the teacher will take your phone and hold it until the end of the day.

2nd time – the cell phone will be turned in at the office and one of your parents will have to come in and pick it up.

3rd  time – could result in detention or suspension.

*Taking photos or videos of other students, staff or guests is unacceptable and will result in serious consequences.

*Posting photos or videos of other students, staff or guests could result in an automatic suspension.

Code Of Behaviour At Somerset School

  1. Come to class prepared to work.
  2. Use polite language.
  3. Listen, participate, and cooperate.
  4. Be courteous, kind, honest and fair.
  5. Care for school property and the property of others.
  6. Show respect for yourself and others.

Textbooks and Library Books Policy

All textbooks, library books and related resources are provided on a loan basis. These books are to be given proper care and security. Students are expected to return books in acceptable condition. Students who lose a book or fail to return a book in an acceptable condition, will be responsible to pay for the lost or damaged book.

Locker Rules

  1. Students must rent a lock to ensure security of the valuables placed in lockers. The cost to rent a locker is $5.00.
  2. Only locks sold by the school will be allowed on the lockers.
  3. The lock and its combination becomes the student’s responsibility.
  4. The school will accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for items lost or stolen from lockers.
  5. Students will be held financially responsible for damage to their lockers.
  6. Students are responsible for the neatness and cleanliness of their lockers.
  7. Lockers are liable for inspection by the principal or vice-principal at any time.
  8. Lockers are to be locked AT ALL TIMES when students are not using them.