COSPEI Gold Rush 50/50

Somerset Consolidated is excited to announce that we are joining the COSPEI Gold Rush. The COSPEI Gold rush is a collaborative fundraiser that is open to all schools on PEI.

We encourage you to click on this link ( ) to create an account, choose to support "Somerset Consolidated School" and play. A $5.00 play gets you 3 numbers. You can play up to $20.00 (12 numbers) per account per week.

Once you are assigned your numbers they are yours forever/until you choose to stop, and are entered into every weekly draw. If you activate your numbers (pay $5.00) you have a chance to win half of the pot; if you do not activate your numbers (do not pay $5.00) and your number is drawn, you are a “nonwinner” and the pot rolls-over. To ensure you never miss a draw, click on the gray circular button to the left of your numbers and activate "AutoPlay". Draws take place every Thursday at 1:00.

You can further support the fundraiser by following and sharing the COSPEI Gold Rush Facebook page ( .

Please encourage your friends/followers to support our fundraiser!

Thanks for your support! Good luck!